WCT Dutch Masters Mixed Doubles

Palancsa and Kiss win CCT Dutch Masters 2016

Dorottya Palancsa and Zsolt Kiss have won the inaugural CCT Dutch Masters Mixed Doubles in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands. The reigning world champions beat Russia's Victoria Moiseeva and Petr Dron in the final with a score of 10-6. 

Russia scored 2 points in the first end, but then Hungary struck right back with a score of 5 and another 3 to lead by 8-2 after the third end. The Russians then looked for a comeback by scoring 1 in the fifth end with their powerplay and another 3 points in the sixth end. However, that proved to be too late to put serious pressure on Hungary. Russia ran out of stones in the eighth end and conceded with the final score 10-6 to Hungary. 

Kiss and Palancsa took the long road to the final after losing their first game against Finland. But after winning the other games in their group they still finished in second spot and remained in contention for the quarter finals. They had to start early on Sunday and beat Switzerland 1 in an elimination game. With almost no rest in between they beat Scotland in the quarter finals, Hungary 2 in the semi finals and Russia 1 in the final. With their very impressive run the World champions now share 2nd place in the CCT mixed doubles ranking.

With the loss the Russian team came second after winning all of their earlier games. Ildikó Szekeres and György Nagy (Hungary 2) took third place in the tournament after beating Russia 2 after an extra end: 9-8. 

*provided 20 teams apply