CCT Dutch Masters Mixed Doubles

Play-off games are set

Sunday 8.00 AM

Sheet A: Switzerland 1 vs. Latvia (elimination game) 6-3

Sheet B: Canada vs. Hungary 2 (quarter final) 6-8

Sheet C: Switzerland 2 vs. Hungary 1 (elimination game) 6-7

Sunday 10.00 AM 

Sheet A: Russia 2 vs. Finland (quarter final) 10-5

Sheet B: Scotland vs. Hungary 1 (quarter final) 5-7

Sheet C: Russia 1 vs. Switzerland 1 (quarter final) 9-3

Check this page for the play-off rounds.

Ranking games

The teams that didn't reach the play-off stage still had one more game to play. The numbers 3 and 4 in groups A to C play Saturday night at 10 PM. On Sunday the Netherlands 3 will play against the Netherlands 4 at 1 PM and Estonia will play Belgium at 3 PM to determine the final ranking.

Check this page for the ranking games

*provided 20 teams apply