CCT Dutch Masters Mixed Doubles

Draw 3: Scotland neutralizes Switzerland

Scotland got off to a good start at the Dutch Masters mixed doubles in Zoetermeer with a 6-3 win over Switzerland. After exchanging points for the first four ends, Scotland got three steals in a row to take a 6-2 lead into the final end, where Switzerland only managed to score one.

One of the Dutch teams finally managed to get a win, with Netherlands 3 beating Belgium 9-6. The Belgians had the upper hand with a score of 4 in the third end, but the Dutch turned the game around by scoring 2, 3 and 1 point consecutively.

The other Dutch team on the ice, fell behind against Estonia 0-11 but then scored an impressive 6-ender and added a steal of 2 to get them back into the game. The Estonians kept their cool however and secured the victory with a score of 3 in the seventh end.

Belgium - Netherlands 3: 6-9

Scotland - Switzerland 1: 6-3

Netherlands 4 - Estonia: 8-14

*provided 20 teams apply