CCT Dutch Masters Mixed Doubles

Draw 2: Big come from behind win for Switzerland 2 against Australia

Being 1 down in 7, the Australians used their powerplay effectively to score 4 and go up by 3 into the final end. However the Suisse had their powerplay and used it in the very final end. The Australians chose to play the centre guard and with their final 2 stones they drew around it. That didnt prove good enough as the suisse made a 4 meter runback and then a hackweight tap to to remove the australian rocks for a score of 5. 

Meanwhile both Russian teams proved to be very strong as they beat their Dutch opponents by a wide margin.

Netherlands 1 - Russia 1: 0-14

Australia - Switzerland 2: 7-9

Netherlands 2 - Russia 2: 5-11

*provided 20 teams apply