CCT Dutch Masters Mixed Doubles

Draw 1: Finland surprise world champions

The first draw of the CCT Dutch Masters Mixed Doubles provided the first upset of the tournament. Finland beat reigning world champion Hungary 1 by 12-3. De Finnish team opened the score with 3 points and stole another 2 in the second end. They clinched the deal with a score of 4 in the seventh end. 

Meanwhile France got a good start against Netherlands 5 and scored 6 points in the third end. The Dutch got back in the game with a score of 5 in the sixth, but then gave up another 3 in the seventh.

Canada started swiftly against Romania with 4 in the opening end. The next ends only single points were scored until Romania tied the game with a steal of 3 in the seventh end. The Canadians then finished how they started and took the win with another score of 4.

Finland - Hungary 1: 12-3

Netherlands 5 - France: 6-13

Romania - Canada: 6-10

*provided 20 teams apply