CCT Dutch Masters Mixed Doubles

Dutch Masters Mixed Doubles 2018

The 3rd edition of the Dutch Masters Mixed Doubles will be exciting as it will take place right before the Olympic Games. As always, the 2018 edition is part of the Curling Champions Tour and will be held at curlingrink Zoetermeer in The Netherlands!

  • Dates: 12-14 January 2018
  • Entry fee: €300,- per team
  • Pre-game practice for each game!
  • Dinner included on friday and saturday night
  • Hotel and transportation packages available!

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1. We release the organizing committee of the Dutch Masters Mixed Doubles from liability for any injuries, losses or damages which any of us my suffer in connection with the event, however they may occur.

2. We agree to photography, videotaping, filming, sound recording and/or broadcasting of our participation in the Dutch Masters Mixed Doubles, which may be used for promotional purposes by the Dutch Masters Mixed Doubles or the Curling Champions Tour. 

*provided 20 teams apply