CCT Dutch Masters Mixed Doubles

Garcia / Bottcher are the Dutch Masters Mixed Doubles 2018 champions.

Irantzu Garcia and Brendan Bottcher have won the Dutch Masters Mixed Doubles 2018.  The Spanish/Canadian combination went undefeated through a very strong field of teams that included two of the upcoming Olympic teams from Norway and Russia. Garcia/Bottcher beat the other Spanish team with Oihane Otaegi and Mikael Unanue in the final with a score of 4-3. Michelle Jaggi and Sven Michel from Switzerland took 3rd place overcoming Skaslien/Nedregotten from Norway in the 3/4 final.

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2018 Teams

The 2018 Dutch Masters Mixed Doubles will have a 15 team field from 10 countries. Team Norway and Team Russia will be using the event as preperation for that the upcoming Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang. We are very excited to host another top event with a very strong field once again!

Regza / Regza (Latvia)

Komarova / Goryachev (Russia)

Bryzgalova / Krushelnitskiy (Russia)

Moores / Wheeler (USA)

Szekeres / Nagy (Hungary)

Wild / Gubler (Switzerland)

Garcia / Bottcher (Spain/Canada)

Turto / Turto (Finland)

Wendel/Wingfors (Sweden)

Jaeggi / Michel (Switzerland)

Blumberga / Gulbis (Latvia)

Stirling/Kingan (Scotland)

McCleary / McCleary (Scotland)

Skaslien / Nedregotten (Norway)

Otaegi / Unanue (Spain)

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Dutch Masters Mixed Doubles 2018 info

The 3rd edition of the Dutch Masters Mixed Doubles will be exciting as it will take place right before the Olympic Games. As always, the 2018 edition is part of the Curling Champions Tour and will be held at curlingrink Zoetermeer in The Netherlands!

Dates: 11-14 January 2018

Entry fee: €300,- per team

€1700 prize money*

20 teams

Pre-game practice for each game!

Dinner included on friday and saturday night

Hotel and transportation packages available!

20 teams: 4 groups of 5 with quarter finals and consolation. 4 game guarantee. First draw is thursday 11th January at 18:30.

The entry process will open in the coming weeks!

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Bryzgalova/Krushelnitskii (Russia) win Dutch Masters Mixed Doubles 2017

Anastasia Bryzgalova and Alexander Krushelnitskii from russia have won the Dutch Masters Mixed Doubles 2018 by beating Gina Aitken and Bruce Mouat from Scotland in the final with a score of 7-6.

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Follow the action live on the CCT Livestream!

This weekend the best of the best in Mixed Doubles Curling will battle for the Dutch Masters Title. Watch World and Olympic champions from Friday to Sunday on the CCT Youtube Channel!

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Draw schedule for the Dutch Masters Mixed Doubles 2017

Chech the schedule page for more information.

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Teams announced for Dutch Masters Mixed Doubles 2017

The teams for the 2nd edition of the Dutch Masters Mixed Doubles have been announced. Check out the team page to see who will be competing.

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Details for the Dutch Masters 2017

We are very pleased and honored to be inviting you to the 2nd edition of the Dutch Masters Mixed Doubles 2017 as part of the Curling Champions Tour, which will be held at Curlingrink Zoetermeer in the Netherlands! 

  • 13-15 January 2017
  • Entry fee: €249,- per team.
  • €1500 prize money*
  • Maximum 20 teams
  • All games are win/loss
  • Dinner included on saturday night
  • Hotel and transportation packages available!

System of play with 20 teams: 4 poules of 5. Top 2 teams each group to quarter Finals and consolation play-off for nrs 3 in each group. 4 games guaranteed. 

The entry process is complete.

For more information you can email:

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Palancsa and Kiss win CCT Dutch Masters 2016

Dorottya Palancsa and Zsolt Kiss have won the inaugural CCT Dutch Masters Mixed Doubles in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands. The reigning world champions beat Russia's Victoria Moiseeva and Petr Dron in the final with a score of 10-6. 

Russia scored 2 points in the first end, but then Hungary struck right back with a score of 5 and another 3 to lead by 8-2 after the third end. The Russians then looked for a comeback by scoring 1 in the fifth end with their powerplay and another 3 points in the sixth end. However, that proved to be too late to put serious pressure on Hungary. Russia ran out of stones in the eighth end and conceded with the final score 10-6 to Hungary. 

Kiss and Palancsa took the long road to the final after losing their first game against Finland. But after winning the other games in their group they still finished in second spot and remained in contention for the quarter finals. They had to start early on Sunday and beat Switzerland 1 in an elimination game. With almost no rest in between they beat Scotland in the quarter finals, Hungary 2 in the semi finals and Russia 1 in the final. With their very impressive run the World champions now share 2nd place in the CCT mixed doubles ranking.

With the loss the Russian team came second after winning all of their earlier games. Ildikó Szekeres and György Nagy (Hungary 2) took third place in the tournament after beating Russia 2 after an extra end: 9-8. 

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Play-off games are set

Sunday 8.00 AM

Sheet A: Switzerland 1 vs. Latvia (elimination game) 6-3

Sheet B: Canada vs. Hungary 2 (quarter final) 6-8

Sheet C: Switzerland 2 vs. Hungary 1 (elimination game) 6-7

Sunday 10.00 AM 

Sheet A: Russia 2 vs. Finland (quarter final) 10-5

Sheet B: Scotland vs. Hungary 1 (quarter final) 5-7

Sheet C: Russia 1 vs. Switzerland 1 (quarter final) 9-3

Check this page for the play-off rounds.

Ranking games

The teams that didn't reach the play-off stage still had one more game to play. The numbers 3 and 4 in groups A to C play Saturday night at 10 PM. On Sunday the Netherlands 3 will play against the Netherlands 4 at 1 PM and Estonia will play Belgium at 3 PM to determine the final ranking.

Check this page for the ranking games

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Hungary 1 and Russia 1 go to final

The final of the inaugural Dutch Masters Mixed Doubles at Curlingbaan Zoetermeer will be a battle between Russia 1 and Hungary 1. Both teams beat their compatriots in the semi finals. Hungary 1, reigning world champions Kiss and Palancsa scored first against Hungary and kept the upper all the way. Russia 1 also took an early lead, but then Russia 2 surged back. With a power play score of 2 in the sixth end Russia 1 drew level again and then added two steals for the win. 

The final will be played at 3.10 PM (15.10 CET) and can be watched live here. 

Check here for live scores of the final and the third place final.

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Russia and Hungary in semi final

In the first quarter final of the Dutch Masters Mixed Doubles in Zoetermeer Hungary 2 beat Canada 8-6. The Hungarians got off to a great start with a score of 3 in the opening end and a steal of 2 in the next. Canada clawed back with a power play score of 3 in the fifth end. But Hungary then also used their power play to score 2.

The other Hungarian team also won their elimination game against Switzerland 2. They will now face Scotland in the quarter finals. Switzerland 1 meanwhile defeated Latvia to claim the final spot in the quarters, against Russia 1.

Hungary 1 shook off the Scots to further advance to the semi final, where it will face Hungary 2. The second semi final will be between Russia 1 and Russia 2, who beat Switzerland 1 and Finland respectively.

Sunday 1 PM

Sheet A: Hungary 1 - Hungary 2 (semi final) 

Sheet B: Russia 1 - Russia 2 (semi final)  Watch live here

Sheet C: Netherlands 3 - Netherlands 4 (ranking game) 

Follow the scores here

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Action packed second day

Draw 9:

Switzerland 1 made sure none of the five Dutch teams in the tournament reached the play-off stages. Netherlands 3 had a chance to make 6 in the opening end, but had to settle for 1 point. The Swiss then scored 4 in the third end and didn't give the Dutch any more opportunities.
Latvia beat Netherlands 4 to stay in the race in group E, but had to wait for the result of the game between Estonia and Hungary 2 to know if they made it to the play-offs. That game was an absolute nail-biter with the two team copying each other until the extra end. Estonia had the advantage of last rock, but Hungary managed to steal three for the win, and first place in the group. It also meant that Latvia finished in second spot and Estonia was out of contention.

Netherlands 3 - Switzerland 1: 3-8
Estonia - Hungary 2: 7-10
Netherlands 4 - Latvia: 1-10

Draw 8:

Russia 2 clinched top spot in group C with a commanding 11-2 victory over Australia. Netherlands 2 battled hard against Switzerland 2 but fell just short in the end. Scotland extended their point scoring streak to twelve ends in a row with another cleanly executed win against Belgium, giving them first place in group D.

Australia - Russia 2: 2-11
Switzerland 2 - Netherlands 2: 10-8
Belgium - Scotland: 0-16

Draw 7:

In a battle for first place in group B Canada and Russia 1 provided a thriller. The score went up and down and was tied after eight ends. In the extra end the Russians came out in top with a score of 4 points. Romania beat the Netherlands 1 to finish in third spot in the group.
France and Hungary 1 also gave the spectators a nice show with some great shots. With two steals in a row halfway through the game the Hungarians managed to shake off the French, which means they're still in contention for the title in the inaugural Dutch Masters Mixed Doubles in Zoetermeer.

France - Hungary 1: 3-8
Canada - Russia 1: 5-9
Romania - Netherlands 1: 11-2

Draw 6:

The Netherlands 3 struggled against the experienced Scottish team. Scotland opened the score with 5 and finished it off with a 6-ender in the sixth end bringing the final score at 18-0. After scoring in their first end Belgium also experienced difficulties against Switzerland, giving up 3 in the second end and then three consecutive steals. The Belgians got two back with the power play, but it wasn't enough to turn the game around. Scotland is now certain of a spot in the quarter finals.
Australia meanwhile beat Netherlands 2 in group C. The Australians took a 5-0 lead after a steal of 3 in the third. The Dutch got back in the game with a power play of 3 in the sixth end, but weren't able to topple the Australians.

Switzerland 1 - Belgium: 8-3
Netherlands 2 - Australia: 5-7
Scotland - Netherlands 3: 18-0

Draw 5:

Canada and Russia 1 have ensured themselves of a spot in at least the elimination game. In the final round robin game in group B they will battle each other for direct qualification for the quarter finals. Netherlands 1 and Romania are out of contention.

After scoring in nine consecutive ends, Russia's streak was ended by a Romanian power play. The Russians quickly got back to business however and used their power play to score 5 and clinched the deal with a steal of 3.

Russia 2 did a good job in group C by beating Switzerland 2 with big numbers.

Russia 1 - Romania: 13-2

Netherlands 1 - Canada: 3-6

Russia 2 - Switzerland 2: 10-3

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Draw 2: Big come from behind win for Switzerland 2 against Australia

Being 1 down in 7, the Australians used their powerplay effectively to score 4 and go up by 3 into the final end. However the Suisse had their powerplay and used it in the very final end. The Australians chose to play the centre guard and with their final 2 stones they drew around it. That didnt prove good enough as the suisse made a 4 meter runback and then a hackweight tap to to remove the australian rocks for a score of 5. 

Meanwhile both Russian teams proved to be very strong as they beat their Dutch opponents by a wide margin.

Netherlands 1 - Russia 1: 0-14

Australia - Switzerland 2: 7-9

Netherlands 2 - Russia 2: 5-11

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Draw 4: Finland first to qualify for quarter finals

Finland already secured a spot in the quarter finals by beating France in their second game in group A. France and Hungary will battle for second place tomorrow, after the world champions beat Netherlands 5 7-2. The Dutch started the game well with two scores of 1 in a row, but the Hungary took control of the game.

The other Hungarian team had to play an extra end against Latvia, but also won their game. After scoring a point in the first three ends, Latvia did the same in the next three. After Hungary scored 2 with the power play, Latvia copied that again and drew level.

Latvia - Hungary 2: 5-5

Hungary 1 - Netherlands 5: 7-2

Finland - France: 9-7

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Draw 3: Scotland neutralizes Switzerland

Scotland got off to a good start at the Dutch Masters mixed doubles in Zoetermeer with a 6-3 win over Switzerland. After exchanging points for the first four ends, Scotland got three steals in a row to take a 6-2 lead into the final end, where Switzerland only managed to score one.

One of the Dutch teams finally managed to get a win, with Netherlands 3 beating Belgium 9-6. The Belgians had the upper hand with a score of 4 in the third end, but the Dutch turned the game around by scoring 2, 3 and 1 point consecutively.

The other Dutch team on the ice, fell behind against Estonia 0-11 but then scored an impressive 6-ender and added a steal of 2 to get them back into the game. The Estonians kept their cool however and secured the victory with a score of 3 in the seventh end.

Belgium - Netherlands 3: 6-9

Scotland - Switzerland 1: 6-3

Netherlands 4 - Estonia: 8-14

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Draw 1: Finland surprise world champions

The first draw of the CCT Dutch Masters Mixed Doubles provided the first upset of the tournament. Finland beat reigning world champion Hungary 1 by 12-3. De Finnish team opened the score with 3 points and stole another 2 in the second end. They clinched the deal with a score of 4 in the seventh end. 

Meanwhile France got a good start against Netherlands 5 and scored 6 points in the third end. The Dutch got back in the game with a score of 5 in the sixth, but then gave up another 3 in the seventh.

Canada started swiftly against Romania with 4 in the opening end. The next ends only single points were scored until Romania tied the game with a steal of 3 in the seventh end. The Canadians then finished how they started and took the win with another score of 4.

Finland - Hungary 1: 12-3

Netherlands 5 - France: 6-13

Romania - Canada: 6-10

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Follow the games live!

We are pleased to announce that curling fans from all over the world will be able to enjoy games from the Dutch Masters mixed doubles. The games will be livestreamed on the Curling Champions Tour Youtube channel. Attractive group games and several playoff games and the championship final will be broadcasted. The Livestreamed games will be provided with great commentary from Shari Leibbrandt, national coach of the Dutch mens curling team and director of the CCT junior tour. Follow all the action live!

Check out the livestream page for more information.

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Schedule of play announced

To check the schedule of play go to schedule

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Field expanded to 20 teams!

The incredible field for the Dutch masters mixed doubles 2016 is finalized! 20 teams from 13 different countries will compete. Teams from all over Europe and Canada, Australia and Brazil also making the trip! The full team list can be found under teams.

Th teams will compete for €1000,- in prize money and points for the CCT mixed doubles tour. Dinner will be available for all teams on the saturdaynight. 

Hotel and transportation packages are available!

for more information e-mail:

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Inaugural Dutch Masters Mixed Doubles 2016

We are very pleased and honored to be hosting the inaugural event of the Dutch masters mixed doubles 2016 as part of the Curling Champions Tour, which will be held from 15 to 17 January 2016 at curlingrink Zoetermeer in the Netherlands.

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*provided 20 teams apply